Here for you! About going missing

When you go out and you don’t tell your foster carer where you are, they get worried and so does everybody that works with you and support your foster carers. Your foster carer gets worried because they don’t know where you are and if you are okay. They also don’t know if you are safe and that’s why they have a duty to report you missing to the police and social services.

Foster carers and professionals aim to work with you on taking risks sensibly. We are experienced in talking to young people and understand that you must be experiencing strong feelings not to want to speak about why you are going out and where you are going.

There are many ways to address the problems or difficulties you are going through and we are stronger if we work together to sort those things out.

If you have a number of missing episodes your social worker will have to ask the press to send out a picture of you and ask the public to contact them if they see you or know where you are. Having a record of missing episodes might have an impact on applications with the home office or applications for internships and work.

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