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Shining Stars Fostering Agency is an independent fostering agency. We are determined to make a difference to the lives of children by bringing a fresh perspective to foster care provision. We endeavour to place children at the heart of our organisation by placing them at the heart of a community which values them and supports their needs.

Our strong, stable and caring family environment model involves placing children with carers who truly have faith in children, and more importantly, faith in their future.

Regardless of the circumstances a child has been through, we believe in delivering a foster care service that places their needs at the centre of everything we do and help provide a safe prosperous future for every child that is placed with Shining Stars Fostering Agency and our approved foster carers.

Our Mission

To provide a Fostering Service that is quality driven and changes the lives of all those attached to it for the better. We believe in focusing on the security and well-being of children who are looked after by identifying and placing them in families that want to bring about a positive change in children through a stable and nurturing home environment. We would like to remain totally committed to a child-centered culture by recruiting and training foster families that are able to provide children with love, care, understanding, resilience, and patience.

Our Values

We are committed to providing and developing services that address and exceed government targets for outcomes for children. These high standards will be achieved through our organizational processes and the delivery of quality services for looked after children, our foster carers, commissioning local authorities and our staff.

Our ethos is respect and the celebration of diversity, promoting and ensuring equal opportunities in all the agency’s operations, all of which are pre-requisites for a framework that can safeguard the welfare of children and help them to achieve and thrive.

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