Children’s Guide to Foster Care

Hi there, we are Shining Stars Fostering Agency and we are here to tell you what Foster Care is. This book is for you. We have written it to explain and help you understand what happens when children go to live with foster carers. You can read this book with your foster carers. It might help us all to get to know each other a bit better. This book asks you some questions about you and the sort of things you would like to do.

This little book is yours to keep and use whenever you want to find something out about foster care.

Your mum or dad can’t look after you at the moment so your Social Worker has asked us to find a foster carer for you. Foster carers are people that are specially trained to care for children and share their homes with them. There is more information about them later in the handbook.

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Young Person’s Guide to Foster Care

Going to live with Foster Carers can be a really difficult and emotional time. Every young person’s circumstances are different. Some young people may be pleased to be fostered. Others may be scared and angry. It’s natural to have all sorts of different feelings.

This Guide is to help you understand fostering and how your foster parent(s) will look after you. It tells you about Shining Stars Fostering Agency and other adults you can talk to about anything you want, even when things make you unhappy. If you need help to read or understand anything in the Guide, your foster carer will help you. You can also ask your Social Worker for help.

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