Shining Stars ‘Comfort Box’ 

The Shining Stars’ Comfort Box is one of the many other new things that we have introduced to our children in care recently.

What is the purpose of the Comfort box?

Our ‘Comfort box’ is a welcome box and is our commitment to show our children and young people that we do care about their health and wellbeing and give them a sense of feeling loved, as some young people may have never felt this in their lives before.

‘The agency takes extreme care to welcome the children and young people and sensitively introduces them to their new families. A ‘comfort box’ full of carefully chosen items, such as a soft blanket, an interesting table lamp, a carved wooden box for memorabilia and a notebook with a beautiful pen, is prepared for the children and young people at the beginning of their placement. One foster carer said that when there are barriers in communicating in English, children and young people always understand the language of love, kindness and care.’ Ofsted Report 2019