The placement of looked after children and careful matching process with foster carers is crucial to placement stability. At Shining Stars we ensure that good quality placements and resources are identified to meet the needs of individual children and young people, at the best possible cost. Both Shabnam and Yasir have vast experience of working in the placement teams. Yasir played a lead role in establishing a dedicated central Placements Team responsible for making placements with foster carers across the group in his previous employment with a leading IFA. He has excellent relationships with some of the local authorities and sound knowledge of the current market environment, experience of contracting and monitoring provision. Shabnam has worked in a local authority’s placement teams at a managerial level and has excellent knowledge of the current statutory processes relating to children in care and young people leaving care and the challenges of meeting their needs in placement settings.

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Local Authorities

We aim to offer the following placement services to local authorities:

  • Careful matching based on the five outcomes
  • A prompt and professional response will be provided to all placement requests (referrals) by local authorities
  • 24/7 placement service- this includes placement on out of hours (emergency referrals)
  • Good quality placements to meet the needs of individual children and young people at the best possible cost


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