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Are you an existing carer and are interested in transferring from an agency / LA to us?

There are many reasons to foster with Shining Stars Fostering Agency. We are a dynamic, young and supportive agency offering a generous package, a professional and friendly team for 24/7 support and other benefits that includes your professional development as a foster carer. Foster carers have a right to transfer to any agency they wish, so we will be happy if you are considering Shining Stars Fostering Agency and will offer you full support and guidance throughout the process.

We follow the Fostering Network’s Transfer of protocol for the transfer of foster carers between agencies and local authorities.

If you want to read/access the Fostering Network’s guidance on transferring agencies, please go to the Fostering Network’s website or alternatively email us and we will be happy to provide a copy to you.

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How long will the process of transferring take and what’s involved in the process?

Changing agencies can be a daunting process however, with our experience we will make this process a smooth one. The Registered Manager, Yasir Farooqui has vast experience in this process and he will assist you in each and every aspect of the transferring including ensuring that if you have children placed with you, they come along with you to us.

Please note that under the fostering regulations your current agency or LA is obliged to provide a detailed reference as part of the transfer, including access to records on your fostering files. This will assist in our assessment process and it will surely be less time consuming than your original assessment.

What happens to my fostering allowances?

Shining Stars offers a very competitive fostering allowance to foster carers. Our promise to you is that you will be financially better off transferring to us.

Can I transfer with children in placement?

Yes, you can certainly transfer to us with children currently in your care. A transfer of protocol meeting will be organised between the placing LA and your current fostering service provider. The purpose of the protocol meeting will be to discuss that the children placed with you continue to receive the same level of care and what support/services Shining Stars will offer to you and any other practical arrangements. We will liaise with the placing LA and your current service to arrange for a protocol meeting at the earliest.

Our aim is to make this process as hassle free as possible for you!!!!!



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