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“Foster carers report very high levels of satisfaction with the support provided to them by the managers. Foster carers state that this agency appealed to them due to its ethos and passion to provide quality support to achieve the very best for children. They feel that the levels of training and support offered ensures that they continue to provide high quality care to children with specific needs”

2016 – 2017

We’re recruiting!

We are currently recruiting foster carers across all the London Boroughs and the surrounding counties. Please go through the website and contact us to register an interest in fostering.


We are committed to providing and developing services that address and exceed government targets for outcomes for children.


To provide a Fostering Service that is quality driven and changes lives of all those attached to it for the better. We believe in focusing on the security and well-being of children.


Our services seek to allow children and young people to develop and grow within the five key outcome areas of “Every Child Matters”.

  • Be Healthy
  •  Stay Safe
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Achieve Economic Well-being


A fostering allowance starting from £405.00 a week for a mainstream child or significantly higher for a child remanded.


Shining Stars Fostering Agency,   The Lansdowne Building,  Office 131, No 2 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, CR9 2ER, Tel: 020 8263 6260, Mobile: 07830283089 / 07886127826 Email: info@shiningstarsfostering.com

Emergency, Respite & Solo Placements

Emergency: Same day placements (within 24 hours)

Respite: To give parents a break, or offer additional support.

Solo: Provide care for children and young people whose needs are complex requiring a higher level of support and supervision.

Long Term, Short Term & Bridging Placements

Short Term & Bridging: A child or young person in a bridging placement may be awaiting a more permanent placement.

Long Term: Where the child / young person is expected to remain until independence.

Parent & Child Placements

Placements will be made available for mothers and/or fathers and their child, where foster carers can provide support and guidance to parent(s) and help them develop parenting skills.

Remand & Sibling Placements

Remand: Remand Foster Carers look after young people who are remanded by the courts into public care.

Siblings: Sibling placements are for brother and sisters who all are placed together into a foster care household.

Placement of asylum seeking children

Supporting and caring for children and young people deemed to be unaccompanied asylum seekers and where their residency status within the UK is yet to be determined.

All Events

First Aid Training Course

First Aid Training Course

25th February

Virtual School Workshop

Virtual School Workshop

13th March 2017

Caring for Trafficked Children

Caring for Trafficked Children

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Training Course

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Training Course

22nd April 2017

Caring for Separated & Trafficked Children Course

Caring for Separated & Trafficked Children Course

29th  March 2017

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Autumn Newsletter

Our Newsletter

This is designed to share children’s/young people’s and foster carer’s achievements, support groups, legislations, good practice and any articles/news in relation to fostering.

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Equal Opportunites

At Shining Stars Fostering Agency we strongly believe in equal opportunities and value human difference and diversity. we are committed to developing people’s potential. Our Equal Opportunities Policy covers both employment and service provision. We also understand that having an Equal Opportunities Policy does not ensure fair and equal treatment for everyone. In fact, how the policy is understood and implemented, and an awareness of discrimination at all levels will result in an elimination of unfair discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunity by Shining Stars Fostering Agency


At Shining Stars Fostering, our focus is always the child and young person in our care. We are determined to make a difference to the lives of children by bringing a fresh perspective to foster care provision. We endeavour to place children at the heart of our organisation by placing them at the heart of a community which values them and supports their needs


• Careful matching based on the five outcomes
• A prompt and professional response will be provided to all placement requests (referrals) by local authorities
• 24/7 placement service- this includes placement on out of hours (emergency referrals)
• Good quality placements to meet the needs of individual children and young people at the best possible cost